Our Brands

Love on a Hanger is our most contemporary brand. Designed for our “statement girl,” who wants to constantly update her closet with the latest trend ideas. She follows runway and High Street styling.

She is a regular on fashion blogs and keeps up to date with celebrity styling and looks. She is sweet and remains true to her feminine roots, seeking sophisticated fashion at a junior price-point.

This is our premium label available exclusively at Nordstrom, Von Maur and Dry Goods.



Eyeshadow is our true junior brand. Designed for a young, flirty and sometimes edgy girl.

She wants fashion items that are great quality yet have all the special details that help her stand out amongst a crowd. She loves to shop at the mall and follow her friends with looks that are current and updated.

Eyeshadow can be found at major department stores nationwide, such as, Belk, Carsons, Dillards and Macys.

Please visit EyeshadowClothing.com for more information.



Eyelash Couture and Love and Let Love are our 2 value driven brands. This girl wants newness to add to her wardrobe, but is looking for that newness at an exceptional value with the same great quality and fit she is accustomed to. She wants more for her money and is very selective when making that choice.

Eyelash Couture can be found exclusively at Kohls. Love and Let Love can be found exclusively at JC Penney.

Our eyeshadow girl is a trendsetting young fashionista. Her friends look up to her for her sense of style and how she puts together her fashion-forward outfits! She knows what her older sister is wearing in Juniors and she wants the same looks for herself! She is the go-to girl for fashion advice and a fun day of weekend shopping.

Lipgloss is our value driven Girls brand, found exclusively at JC Penney. Our Lipgloss girl wants to be stylish like all her friends, but mom may still be shopping with her and Mom is looking for value and quality that lasts. She always stands out amongst her friends with her bright colors. Looking for fun, fashion, and comfort in her daily wears, she is always on-trend.